Real estate development is a risky business. Our Franchisee Program owns your risk.




We understand you face many challenges on your road to growth. Our Franchisee Program enables you to confidently expand by helping you avoid costly mistakes and mitigating your development risks. Bottom line, we save you time and money.

Utilizing our own capital sourcing, we are able to move quickly and effectively. We even welcome challenging projects others might run from. Investing in you and your business is how we deliver your expansion strategy.

From trade area targeting to keys-in-hand, our services encompass everything you need for successful project completion.

Our services include:

Site identification and Market Penetration

Palmetto Capital Group has the ability to either use current market knowledge and gap modeling to create a growth strategy or integrate an existing growth strategy into a given trade area.  For Preferred Clients, Palmetto prepares and organizes all site tours to include pre-planning, tour mapping, tour book preparation and travel logistics. The full submission package we prepare includes Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel files to client’s specifications. Also included are heat maps, demographics, traffic studies, ground-level photography and aerial photography.

Due Diligence and Feasibility

Along with in-person meetings and ongoing communication with all government entities, our due diligence services include:

  • Full title commitment report identifying restrictions and exceptions
  • Preliminary cost estimate and timeline for permitting and construction
  • Calculating all project-related fees, including permit, review and impact fees
  • Land use and zoning assessment in collaboration with local attorneys
  • Onsite environmental audit
  • Coordinating with engineers for onsite investigation
  • Analysis of existing infrastructure, utility and transportation capacity
  • Preparing preliminary site plan potions
  • Code compliance review

Project Launch

Once the real estate committee has approved a project, we release:

  • Full soil testing
  • Full survey, including topographic and tree survey
  • Land use change, special permits and plat required by the intended use
  • Traffic access permits and offsite requirements
  • Architectural design
  • Full civil design

Project Management

We manage planning and zoning hearings for the preliminary site approval plan and oversee public hearings and final site plan approval. In addition, we coordinate utility design and incorporation into the site plan, manage the timeline and coordinate preparation of REA, declarations and covenant documents.

Construction Oversight

We manage the general construction phase from preparing the bid package and sending RFIs to reviewing contractor qualifications and negotiating contracts. Along with construction oversight and progress reviews, we conduct onsite inspections, handle approvals for occupancy and turnover, release and deliver all construction documents, close out the project and contract and deliver warranty items.

Palmetto delivers a Franchisee Program you can trust.
Because your growth goals matter!